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Bring Home the Flavors of Burma

Burma Love Foods was founded in 2016 by Desmond Tan, owner of Burma Superstar Restaurants, to enable our customers to bring home the tastes and flavors of Burma.

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Eat your tea

At the heart of our product offerings is the Fermented Tea Leaf Dressing, which boasts bright and flavorful notes of green tea. The fermented tea leaves are seasoned with spices and lime juice, mixed with our Burmese Crunchy Mix and tossed with fresh shredded vegetables. The unique savory flavor and mildly stimulating effect make our tea leaf salad satisfying, energizing, and unforgettable.


Tea Leaf Dressing

In 2020, our Fermented Tea Leaf Dressing was awarded the prestigious Nexty Award for Best New Condiment by the New Hope Network, the leaders in the natural and health foods products industry. 

Our product range includes a range of Grab N Go salads, Tea Leaf Dressings in three flavors, a Traditional Burmese Crunchy Mix, and a Tea Aioli Dip.

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